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LCD 180 degree rotation in i.MX25

Question asked by Eric Kang on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by rogeriopimentel
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Dear All,

I want to perform the LCD 180 degree rotation in i.MX25.


For this, I confirmed the x-axis rotation with the LPCR and LSSAR register setting.

But, I couldn't find the y-axis rotation for LCD 180 degree rotation.

For the register setting, refer to the "i.MX25 Multimedia Applications Processor Reference Manual"(IMX25RM.pdf).

- 33.3.10 LCDC Panel Configuration Register (LPCR)

- 33.3.4 LCDC Screen Start Address Register (LSSAR)


And I found the relative information in the "Different Display Configurations on the i.MX25 WinCE PDK" (AN3977.pdf).

In this document, I could see that the LCDC didn't have the horizontal flip hardware acceleration, so 180 degree rotation can not be done by the LCDC.


So I want to perform the LCD 180 degree rotation or the Y-axis flip with the i.MX25 X-asix flip.

Could you tell me how to rotate the LCD 180 degree in i.MX25?


For Reference, I found the frame buffer rotation method by using OMAPpedia, but this method is not applied in the i.MX25.

For detailed information, refer to the below site.

[ Bootargs for enabling display ]

  ~ $ echo "2" > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/rotate


Best Regards,