i.MX53 I2C iomux bug

Discussion created by augusto on Dec 13, 2012

We noticed on some i.MX53 I2C iomux macros a wrong mux setup that prevents some pin configurations to be used for I2C lines.

The file to be patched is arch/arm/plat-mxc/include/mach/iomux-mx53.h


Below an example of the fix:

#define _MX53_PAD_EIM_D21__I2C1_SCL IOMUX_PAD(0x474, 0x12C, 5, 0x814, 1, 0)

#define _MX53_PAD_EIM_D28__I2C1_SDA IOMUX_PAD(0x494, 0x14C, 5, 0x818, 1, 0)

to be changed as:

#define _MX53_PAD_EIM_D28__I2C1_SDA IOMUX_PAD(0x494, 0x14C, 5 | IOMUX_CONFIG_SION, 0x818, 1, 0)

#define _MX53_PAD_EIM_D21__I2C1_SCL IOMUX_PAD(0x474, 0x12C, 5 | IOMUX_CONFIG_SION, 0x814, 1, 0)

otherwise SCL and SDA lines turns low for 500ms the up for other 500ms when a data transfer should occur.


We did not verified all the possible I2C pin configurations however this fix should also work for the non working others.



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