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IP binding (DHCP or static) causes "TCP/IP Unhandled interrupt"

Question asked by panpwr on Dec 13, 2012
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I am trying to bind IP to my ENET device on TWR-K60D100M, either dynamically (ipcfg_bind_dhcp_wait()) or static (ipcfg_bind_staticip()).

When examining the system after issuing the command (I am working with Keil's ARM-MDK IDE), I find the following (for both DHCP / static bind):


- _mqx_idle_task state = "Active".

- My task state = "Msg Send Blocked".

- TCP/IP task state = "Unhandled Interrupt".

- TCP/IP Message Queue has 3 entries.


I may add that both methods (DHCP/static) used to work before in the past. The main change is that I've added another  message queue to the system, and increased the BSP_DEFAULT_MAX_MSGPOOLS (from 2 to 5).


Please advise.