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DEMO boards and OSBDM

Question asked by sebasira on Dec 12, 2012
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If I'm correct, demo boards, like DEMOJM, DEMOAC and DEMOQE has and OSBDM wihtin them. I'm currently using both DEMOJM and DEMOAC to download code to my custom hardware.

I'm also working with TWRK60N512 and MQX. And printf is set (by default) to the OS-JTAG COM port.


My question is... can I do the same with DEMOJM and DEMOAC boards? I mean, are they also listed as COM ports? should I update OSBDM drivers?

What I'd like to do is use this printf for debugging, like a trace. (I'm not using MQX and no other RTOS on my custom hardware/firmware)


Thanks in advance!!