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"Require Function Prototypes" option

Question asked by sebasira on Dec 12, 2012
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Hi to you all!


I didn't know where to put this question, I guess here is the best place. I'm working with MCF51QE and CW v6.1 and I was breaking my head looking to "Warning C1801: implicit parameter-declaration." until I discover the "Require Function Prototypes" option in the C/C++ Language panel.


I was looking for it, since sometimes I was getting a strange behavior of the firmware, and I was guessing is was due to "implicit parameter-declaration" on some function calls, but I didn't know where.

Now I've check that option and I've found lots (more than 50) of function calls without prototype (#include directive).


I was wondering why this option is not "ON" by default and what does the compiler do when the function prototype is missing? From my experience, I can tell that sometimes (maybe always) when the function prototype was missing, the MCU does "what it wants" when it reach that statement or just ignores it.


I hope someone can inlightme or clarify my mind.





Sebastian M. Irazabal