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zigbee mac problem(mc13224)

Question asked by zhang yu xin on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by Alan Led Collins Rivera

,i use mc13224V

to design a product,but in that project ,i meet a problem:mac

will have no response to my application at some time.


1、my software is base on :beestack ARM7 MAC Codebase

2.2.0 stack.


2、my test environment is :

one endpoint (A)、

two coordinator: coord (B) (panid is 0x30)

coord (C) (panid is 0x4E21)


endpoint A send data (19 bytes) to coord B every 10ms(wait

10ms after one packet is send),and coord B send data(19

bytes)to coord C every 10 ms((wait 10ms after one packet is

send) at the same time.

then after a few min,coord B's MAC is dead ,endpoint A can't

send data to coord B any more,and coord C can't recive any

data from coord B.

in coord B,my app software is run well ,because i set a watch

dog (11 sec timeout)in app,and the app will feed the dog every

6 sec,app run will,but i can't get the mac's response when

endpoint A sends data to coord B.but if i reset the Coord

B,everything will be ok!

i don't kown why,i have try everything i can do ,but still can't

solve this problem,can you give me a help? thanks a lot!