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FreeMASTER: How to begin?

Question asked by sebasira on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by aka wxt

Hello everybody... I've just read about freeMASTER and I find it could be very powerfull.


But I haven't found any guide, tutorial or quick start... I've downloaded both the driver and the application. Now, how can I "debug" my application with it?


I've got 2 projects:

- HCS12 with CW v4.6

- MCF51QE with  CW v6.1


When the driver are installed, some project examples are in the installation directorie. I gave them a quick look, but still I think it would be great if there some sort of guide...

I can se from the project tree that some files are under a freeMASTER folder, are all of them neccesary? I mean, I don't use CAN and for example I don't want oscilloscope function so maybe those files are not needed... And what about freeMASTER_config.h?


Thanks in advance!

Best regards!