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MQX 3.8.1 and CW 10.2 Wizard not working

Question asked by JOE VIGNOLA on Dec 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by JOE VIGNOLA

I'm using CW 10.2 and MQX 3.8.1 with Windows 7.  I have done a fresh install of CW 10.2 with update 1 and then installed MQX 3.8.1 I get the following error when I try to create a new MQX 3.8 project for the TWRK60n512 board:


!!! ERROR: MQX is NOT installed for selected board !!!


I have followed the exact steps on another computer running Windows XP and it worked ok.  Is this a Windows 7 problem?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.