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MCF5329 & 64MB SDRAM

Question asked by Jaswinder Dhaliwal on Dec 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2012 by Jaswinder Dhaliwal


We have 2 x 32MB SDRAMs on our product. We have now upgraded the SDRAM to 64MB each(same manufacturer (ISSI)). As far as the hardware is concerned the extra address line/s have been connected.

Now I need to enable and use this extra SDRAM. So far I have:-

1. modified the chip select register SDCS0 in bsp_init.c to 0x40000019 and rebuilt the bsp library.
2. modified the __EXTERNAL_SDRAM_SIZE .lcf linker file being used in our project

To test this extra SDRAM I try and allocate some some by using _mem_alloc_from(). I get NULL.

Also tried writing directly in the code with the following line "*(long *)0x43000000 = 0x5A;"


Do I need to change/configure anything else?

Using Codewarrior v6.3, MCF5329 and MQX version 2.5