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FTP socket problem

Discussion created by Teckna Teckna on Dec 7, 2012
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Hi everyone,


I'm using CW 10.2, MQX 3.8.1 and a custom board with MK60DN512


Here is a sample test task:

error = RTCS_create();

if( error != RTCS_OK )


     printf( "\nRTCS failed to initialize, error = %X", error );



while( 1 )


     FTPd_init( "FTP server", PRIO_FTPSRV, STACK_FTPSRV );

     _time_delay_ticks( 500 );


     _time_delay_ticks( 500 );



If I run this test, after some times the FTP cycle is executed I can see the socket number grow up (like in the picture):


The FTPd_init function creates an FTP server task that creates two sockets (the socket in listening state and the socket in ground state).

The FTPd_stop function destroys the task FTP server task, but it seems to close only the socket in listening state and not the socket in ground state.

Is this a bug or don't I make the correct steps to close both sockets?


Many thanks