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Audio policy Error and no audio in imx53

Discussion created by Visakh SV on Dec 7, 2012
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We have developed a custom board based on IMX53 ARD platform(With minor changes in RAM,added HDMI,WiFi etc). I made respective changes to the kernel and uBoot for the custom board.


Initially the system loops in "Waiting the  service media.audio_policy' at Android Screen. The UI was not coming up. The following changes were made in   device/fsl/imx5x inside and then android OS is completely up(2.3).


  made this line true         BOARD_USES_GENERIC_AUDIO := true

  Commented this line       #BOARD_USES_ALSA_AUDIO :=true

                                        BOARD_USES_ALSA_AUDIO :=false

                                        BUILD_WITH_ALSA_UTILS :=false


Now facing problem default apps and credentials. ie The android music player force stops ,camera, videos cannot play from internet etc. Modifying  /etc/vold.fstab.for my sdcard, it get mounted and  the video is playing, but the sound is not coming through HP out as well as line out of SGTL5000.

Can anybody please suggest why this error is happening. Is this the cause of  disabling  ALSA audios?. because I tested via Custom-OBDS for the sound and it was worked.   Expecting reply's ASAP