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MQX 3.8.1 I2C Master mode question

Discussion created by Mini Wang on Dec 6, 2012


I meet some problem when I use MQX I2C.

The environment is [MQX3.8.1] & [CW10.2].

I2C mode is master mode.



I would like to read one byte, but it transmit 2 bytes.

I have searched the information on this forum, there is a similar issue to mine. But it's happened in MQC 3.6.0 and slave mode. The code seems not the same, so I can't fix my issue with the solution.

please refer:  I2C Slave sample code


In _ki2c_polled_rx_tx funtion, there is a dummy read after send the receive requested, is it necessary?

Because this dummy read so I always see the extra waveform from my oscilloscope. I'm not familiar with I2C driver, don't know how to fix this issue.

(location-> C:\Program Files\Freescale\Freescale MQX 3.8\mqx\source\io\i2c\polled\i2c_pol_ki2c.c)



When I call I2C_ReadByte(0x34,0x26). Although it transmit 2 bytes after the receive request, I can get the right return value : 0x0E, and the data/clock bus are fine(all high).



But when I call I2C_ReadByte(0x34,0x27), I can't get the return value, cause the data bus keep low after the sceond byte is read.



Why it's different result when I call the same funtion?

I have tried many address/offset, only I2C_ReadByte(0x34,0x26) can retrun the right value so far.



the attached file: I2C.c is my code that refer to the sample code and document. In this file, only the I2C_WriteByte function is OK. If any one familiar with I2C, please help me to check is it any problem with my code? Thank you very much.


Thank you in advance.



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