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How can I re-build the MfgTool manifacturing firmware ?

Question asked by Stefano Tappatà on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2013 by Ram Ramasamy
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Hi ,


In order to add support for my NAND flash Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAWP I modified the NAND driver and rebuilt my linux OS.

and my NAND is perfectly recognised on imx28evk board.


Now I want to download my own firmware to NAND flash using the manifacturing MfgTool ... so i need to update MfgTool firmware.


I followed the instructions found in i.MX28 Linux BSP User's Guide :


Configure the firmware build profile

$ ./ltib -selectype


Choose the following:

        --- Choose the platform type

            Selection (imx28) --->

       --- Choose the packages profile

            Selection (mfg firmware profile) --->

Save and exit.

After ltib completes the build, and will have been created.

Surprisingly only has been created ... but I need  !


Can Anyone tell me if it is a bug and how to fix it , please?


Script under rootfs/boot wrote:

cp ${1}/boot/updater_prebuilt.db ${TOP}

cd ${TOP}

sed -i "s,[^ *]zImage.*;,\tzImage=\"${1}/boot/zImage\";," updater_prebuilt.db

sed -i "s,[^ *]sdram_prep.*;,\tsdram_prep=\"${1}/boot/boot_prep\";," updater_prebuilt.db

sed -i "s,[^ *]linux_prep.*;,\tlinux_prep=\"${1}/boot/linux_prep\";," updater_prebuilt.db

sed -i "s,[^ *]power_prep.*;,\tpower_prep=\"${1}/boot/power_prep\";," updater_prebuilt.db

elftosb2 -d -z -c updater_prebuilt.db -o


rm -f updater_prebuilt.db


no mention of !


Does anyone have an updated script , please ?