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P1022 Network performance

Question asked by Terry Barnaby on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by Terry Barnaby

We are using a P1022 linked with a Virtex6 FPGA on one of our products. The P1022 is working well.

However the network performance with respect to CPU usage is a bit of an issue. We are using the Linux 3.3.2 kernel. Testing TCP/IP performance using iperf it uses 100% of one of the CPU's cores just to send data at 821 Mbits/sec and, separately, receive data at 612 Mbits/sec. The Gigabit Ethernet link's data rate is thus limited by the processor performance and there is nothing left to do other tasks. We wonder if this is due to the Linux Ethernet driver efficiency issues or if it is just down to the P1022's raw performance.

Any ideas/info ?