Marek Buczkowski

MC9S08GT16 - problems with entering stop mode

Discussion created by Marek Buczkowski on Jun 27, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2007 by Luca Nogarotto
I am trying to put microcontroller to stop mode 3 using this code:
/* register initialization */
  SOPT = 0x73;                                  
  SPMSC1 = 0x1C;                                      
  SPMSC2 = 0x00;                                      
  ICGC1 = 0x3C;                                      
  ICGC2 = 0x7C;
asm STOP
The problem is that the microcontroller doesn't enter stop mode. It executes the instruction asm STOP and goes to the next line of code, continuing normal work.
What do I do wrong? How should entering (and leaving) stop mode look like?
Please help,
- Marigold