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how do I use VPU to encode JPEG?

Question asked by daisukekitsunai on Dec 2, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by jimmychan
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hi, i'm developing a iMX53 custom board that is based on iMX53QSB runnig Linux.

custom board have features to capture the video of ntsc, and  to output video of CVBS to TV, to output  MJPG on the ethernet.


i was able to capture video using IPU and to output  to the TV using TVE.

but, I have trouble with compression method JMPG.

iMX53RM is written VPU is able to encode a JPEG hardware, but the method has not been explanation.



I don't know where else to look for JPEG encoding using the VPU.

does anyone know a way of using the hardware encoding VPU?