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KL25 consumption on Low Power modes with Freedom board

Question asked by antoine odonne on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by Pedro Augusto Panecatl Salas



I am trying to reach the datasheet consumption values with the Freedom eval board, but I don't manage it.

On the different low leakage stop mode I measure 2.8uA added in comparison to datasheets values, except on VLLS0 where I have 300nA added.

The fact that I get a closer result on VLLS0 make me think that there is no external leakage on the board, but the 2.8uA configuration for the other modes is still important. I guess I am wrong in the configuration and forget something to reach optimal value.


Do you have an idea of the potential source of that extra consumption?

In my code, I just disable watchdog and clock monitoring and go to the desired Stop mode.


Thank you for the help.