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Sabre Lite iMX6x Gigabit ethernet throughput problem

Question asked by Shailesh Lomate on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by Shailesh Lomate

Currently we are evaluating the iMX6X Sabre Lite platform with the Timesys default kernel and BSP provided by Boundry Devices.


We are using a TCP I/P client server program to measure the throughput of the Gigabit ethernet interface.

We are measuring the throughput in a direct one to one link between Sabre Lite platform and Windows 7 PC using a cross cable. Link happens to be established @ 1000Mbps (shown on Windows PC and Linux status message). BUT THE THROUGHPUT happens to be very less.


For sending about 1.5MBytes data, it is taking around 125 ms (measured using gettimeofday for the send() socket call) to send the data to the Windows PC. This shows that the Gigabit ethernet throughput comes to around 100 Mbps only. This happens to be such a poor throughput considering the Gigabit interface and quad core iMX6Q processor processing power.


Freescale does not seem to have provided any performance benchmarks for the iMX6Q peripherals.


Is anyone able to get a much better ethernet throughput on the iMX6Q platform? Are there any things we can do for improving the throughput by modifying any ethernet interface parameters or Kernel options? Are there any patches available for higher throughput freescale ethernet driver?


Please provide suggestions for improving the throughput.