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Code Warrior for PA v10.1.2(evaluation)

Discussion created by gururaj g on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2012 by TomE

hi I have installed Code Warrior for PA v10.1.2(evaluation).


I a newbie for code warrior. I just wanted to download uboot into the nor flash of my board with p4080 processor.


When I checked the flash programmer application of  IDE there was no option for setting the processor type and debugger type(like USB TAP or Ethernet tap)


When I browsed the manual I found that have to setup Remote connection system. But I am getting errors  like "not a valid host" and infact i could not set up parent profile name.


I am totally confused. Even I do not know what is "Remote Connection System."Please help me or guide me wher I can find the solutions.

Thank You