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dynamically change configuration when adjust Overscan or Aspect ratio patch in single hdmi case on ICS imx6x platform.

Question asked by Ivan.liu Employee on Nov 29, 2012

android version: ICS

hardware platform: imx6x


it is caused by screen rotation animation.

when change system configuration, it will introduce screen rotation animation.

changing resolution/over scan/color depth is implemented by GPU 2D.

but screen rotation animation is implemented by GPU 3D.

So, when do screen rotation animation, it will call GPU 3D to draw full screen.

The solution is to disable screen rotation animation for single HDMI display.

single HDMI should not have screen rotation animation, because it keep showing landscape and does

not response to screen rotation.


the attachment of disable_screen_rotation_animation.patch is the patch to do this.

it is for single HDMI product.

it is should be applied to frameworks/base.git.


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