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i.MX28 USB-OTG problem

Question asked by prateek raghuvanshi on Nov 29, 2012
Latest reply on May 11, 2013 by Ashwinee Dhakate
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     I used IMX_MFG_TOOL to program nand flash for i.MX28.

Connected - i.MX28 EVK Board Connected using USB-OTG to PC. PC detected it as HID complaint Device and i am successfully able to

update the nand flash using IMX_MFG_TOOL. Now, when i connect my customized i.MX28 hardware Board (similar to EVK Board), PC detects it as

Unknown device though i use same device driver supplied in IMX_MFG_TOOL software.

I followed these steps (on customized hardware),

  1. Selected Boot Mode as USB (iMX28_BSP_UG.pdf-  PageN0.- 3-21, Table 1. Boot Mode Values).
  2. Connected USB-OTG in device mode to PC.
  3. Updated device driver (PC side) with the one supplied in software package - Mfgtools-Rel- from freescale.


Result - PC detects my customized board as Unknown device.


my question is am i missing any step or configuration, which is there in EVK Board and not on my customized Board, Or is it something else?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.