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i.mx6Solo booting from NAND issues

Question asked by Jim Malone on Nov 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by xu min
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Hi All,


We are currently struggling to get our custom board booting from NAND.  I've attached the latest status that I have sent to my Freescale FAEs but wanted to see if anyone in the community has run into similar issues.  We are using a Samsung K9GBG08U0B MLC NAND 4GB (8K pages with 1K oob).  The details are in the attachment, but here is a brief summary of issues.


1) FCB seems to have 2 extra bytes in front of the valid FCB data.  We are using the default 10 bytes of metadata.  DBBT and u-boot have the 10 bytes of metadata as expected.

2) Logic Analyzer captures of the NAND bus activity at power on shows that the first read attempt is started during the busy period after the initial reset command.  Second FCB reads correctly (with the issue 1 present).  First DBBT reads correctly and that is all we have captured on the logic analyzer so far.


If anyone could provide some hints as to what may be our issue, I would very much appreciate it.