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Marvel WLAN, SDIO, Linux and imx53

Question asked by mc maddie on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by phuongdangminh
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We have a imx53 based custom hw. It has Marvel 8686 WLAN module connected to imx53 SD2 instead of SD1. System is running Linux and I've compiled Libertas - module and I have Libertas Firmware files in place (/lib/firmware/libertas).


The problem is that when loading the libertas drivers (even with the sdio) there is no traffic on SDIO bus. That's expected since I haven't found a way how to tie the libertas_sdio driver to certain SDIO-bus.


Does someone have working combo of Marvel 8686 and mx53 and/or know what is needed to get libertas_sdio driver to use SD2?


I have configured both SD1 and SD2 on board init and they appear during boot although I don't know why SD2 have irq 0:

[    1.448309] mmc0: SDHCI detect irq 129 irq 1 INTERNAL DMA

[    1.458958] mmc1: SDHCI detect irq 0 irq 2 INTERNAL DMA



System also uses SD1 for booting so if MMC debug is enabled there is lots of debug prints just from SD-card access.