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imx53qsb combine graphics and video with color key

Question asked by Mykola Dudik on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by Jack Mao
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I'am trying to combine graphics from /dev/fb0 (BGRA32) with video output from gstreamer (NV12) using IPU. /dev/fb0 memory is set as "overlay" with color key enabled. video frame accessed via v4l2 API and is set as "input". If i perform overlay combination into BGR/BGRA/RGB/RGBA output format I get correct "output" frame with video and graphics combined. If I perform overlay combination into YUV444/YUV444P I get correct graphics on output but bad video data. Actually YUV444P is required for further processing to jpeg image via VPU and sending over network. I could do combination to RGB and then convert whole frame to YUV444P and it works fine. But it significantly decrease count of frames per second I can get.

Is there an possibility to do combination is single step with YUV444P output? May be color key value is not correct?