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Unable to add files

Question asked by giacomopetrini on Nov 26, 2012
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I'm using CW8.3 for 56F800/E on Win7.

All worked well until last week, when I fried my laptop... To solve (fast) the problem I got a new laptop and put the old HD (so no reinstall). Of course Win was not very happy nad since the PC is used by another person that doesn't like the default language (italian) I decided to upgrade tu Win7 Ultimate.


Problem is (that I discovered just now) I cannot add files to any project (new and old) anymore. If I drag the files CW remains silent. If I right click on the file list and choose "Add files", if I add a .h CW remain silent, if I add a .c CW tells me that "At leastone file could not be added to selected targets".


Any idead where I can begin to look?


Thanks Bye Giacomo