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Connecting USB stack to TCP/IP stack, where and how

Question asked by Thomas Hülsmann on Nov 25, 2012
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my name ist Thomas.


I'm using the MQX 3.7 library + a tower system with a Kinetis TWR K60 N512 board + a TWR SER board.


I'm trying to "connect" the MQX USB stack (the K60 is running in host mode, using the cdc device class) to the TCP/IP stack of the MQX RTCS, so that an UMTS modul (this is the USB device, which supports the cdc driver), which is receiving a HTTP request over the air can talk to the RTCS webserver via USB.


Does anybody have an idea, which function I have to use, to make this connection work?


Thanks in advance for each idea, even just a hint, where to look in the doc's!!