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processor expert, the mc9s08dz128mll and an 8bit 2x16 LCD

Question asked by GMVS on Nov 23, 2012
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this is the first time i use the freescale technology and i'm having a couple of problems getting used to the processor expert


right now i', trying to connect a NHD‐0216K1Z‐FL‐YBW LCD to it. i attach the datasheets. i checked out the components library for 8bit 2x16 LCD but theres nothing about it, so i have to make the code myself.


it really confuses me the amount of files the pe has generated for it so far


i selected port K for my databus and pe created



where Byte1.h has methods for the byte and bit direct manipulation

and Byte1.c has a lot of stuff i dont quite get. well i do know what they are (more or less): methods for the byte and bit masked manipulation. but i dont understand what to do with such a file. the includes are for .h, so if i ever wanted to use the other methods how would i do that? what are the .c files for?


then i used port H for the extra signals and again i got



same problem



this files contributed to my headache also while trying to write the code for the LCD


lets see for example

sendCommand(cmd) //method in LCD.h that i made

it calls for

Byte1_PutVal(cmd) //method in Byte1.h that processor expert made

which calls for

setReg8(PTKD, Val) //stuff in the library? dunno who made that...


those kind of names, Byte1_PutVal(cmd), are completely meaningless to me. if i were using all available ports





what the hell am i doing??

that kind of code is unreadable.  aint' there a way to change such generic names for something like









or better yet





and such?


this problem, with the bits is a bigger nightmare

i have 20 files named from Bit1 to Bit20

each time i want to set or cleat a bit pin i have to go through all the files to check which one is the one i need, because neither the file name nor the method name say anything about the ports they mess around with


another problem

the initLCD() routine i made needs a busy wait of some ms

what would be the best way to implement this?


at first i thought about a flag4ms: i'd clear the flag and do a while(!flag4ms); waiting for the flag to be turmed on inside a timer interrupt (never do this on multithread system), but the isr is in one file and the initLCD is in another: how do i make flag4ms global?


or what better way is there to make the busy wait?

i'd count uint i; for (i=0; i<65535;i++) but

i don't think thats valid

i don't know how much time would that be, but i'm working at 16MHz so i dont think its enough


if i could make flag4ms global i could use the same interrupt to debounce buttons and other stuff



please help

i'm really confused





but everything