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MPlayer Configuration Options

Question asked by Eric Kang on Nov 23, 2012
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Dear all,

I have a problem to display the video file in the i.MX25.


I'm using the MPlayer to display the video file.

But the dispaly speed is slow.


So I checked the MPlayer profile for the source Video file.

In the profile, I had been found the YUV to RGB conversion had much load in the MPlayer.

The simple profile contents are like below. For the detailed, refer to the attach file. (mplayer_profile_1.txt)


I think I could reduce the load of YUV2RGB function if I optimize the MPlayer to the i.MX25 core.

The i.MX257 core is ARM9, and the model number is "ARM926EJ-S".


Could you tell me the MPlayer Configuration options for i.MX257 ARM Core?


Best Regards,


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