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Is the i.MX6 usable in its current shape?? Looong... errata lists

Question asked by ThomasG1z on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2012 by Vladan Jovanovic
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I'm receiving some doubts within the business after my choice of going for the imx6 for a new project, after looking at the latest public errata note where I count 136 hw issues..! Some not so serious but some could be, e.g. sequences of instructions that can deadlock the cpu.


Any thoughts around this? I see that there are no scheduled fixes for any of the issues. Is that true or will there be a "D" tape-out?


What do you think, can this cpu be used in high-reliability industrial control applications..?


Also I'm curious of how the recent layoff of 150-200 iMX engineers affects all this.


I'm not really familiar with the ARM core itself but some of the issues that concern me: ERR003730, ERR003731, ERR003733, ERR003739, ERR005185, ERR005198, ERR005383, ERR005385


Thoughts or views upon this?