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Serial Bootloader Problem for K60N512 MCU

Question asked by rabbit on Nov 21, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2014 by Yantai Luo

Just looking for the serial bootloader utilities for K60 MCU, download AN2295SW from Freescale website, user TOWER to test.


I download AN2295_Kinetis.eww to TWR-K60N512, start the tool win_hc08sprg.exe, it can talk to TWR-K60N512  via

TWR-SER DD9 adaptor at 115200bps.


From the, I can see the ROM up to 0x944.

I modify this file128KB_Pflash.icf to change the memory address setting for my application .eww, I can see the my application MAP file, the code start address change to 0x1000,


I down my application.s19 to TWR-K60N512, then it comes error message :


WARNING! S19 image will not fit into available memory (at address 0x00001000)!

Memory programming block 0: W 0x00001000 0%

Can't program block 0 at address 0x00001000.


How to fix this problem?

Another question:  If mass production, a new K60 MCU is programmed with the firmware AN2295_Kinetis.eww?