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Using MQX source code in non-MQX Kinetis-target project

Question asked by Roger W. on Nov 21, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by Roger W.

We are using Kinetis processors in our products currently. We have legacy codes and good accumulated experience in certain other non-silicon-vendor-bound RTOS and want to use C++-based overall SW-architecture-


1. Is it completely free of cost to use MQX-related source codes, mainly the driver source codes in a non-MQX project for Kinetis processors?


2. Are the MQX driver source codes dependent on MQX RTOS or generic c-implementations that could be used easily under any RTOS ?


3. Are there any ready-to-use cost-free and/or open source support for MQX-based software simulation in Windows and Linux ?

By this I mean implementation of MQX RTOS for Windows and Linux plus some driver stubs/ports so that they too compile under Win/Linux allowing the software application logic layers to be developed and tested in pc completely. Practical example:  MQX serial driver could be implemented (partially) with the same API to that it uses Windows or Linux serial port. Naturally certain I/O drivers have no equivalent thing in PC OS/hw platforms, but in that case those driver ports would have places for user to add simulation of those I/O actions.


4. Could somebody give me the URL of the full MQX software license text.  I tried to find it, but wasn't able to.


Any other related limitations and restrictions could be mentioned too. I already know that users are not allowed to create their own ports from MQX related source codes.


Thanks in advance!