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Cool Tower Sensor Pak for your applications

Question asked by Martin35804 Employee on Nov 21, 2012

It has been a while since this interesting product is available but it is still worth to write about it.

Check out the Tower Sensor Pak which is a swappable sensor module with many cool features and additional sensors modules to test the sensors and develop your application weather as a standalone board or combined with the tower system board.



The TWR-SENSOR-PAK is a module in the TowerSystem that features swappable sensor modules, or plug-ins. These swappable plug-ins allow you to rapidly evaluate and compare an expanding portfolio of Sensors. Using real-time sensor data and interaction with your environment, it's easy to sense your world with the TWR-SENSOR-PAK. As new Freescale sensors are announced, the TWR-SENSOR-PAK module allows you to leverage additional low-cost sensor plug-ins or create your own plug-ins using I²C, SPI, or analog. With a dedicated S08QE96 microcontroller on board, the TWR-SENSOR-PAK module can be used stand-alone or as part of a complete Tower System. For development and evaluation purposes Freescale FeeMASTER or CodeWarrior can be used.





Swappable Freescale Sensor Modules


On-board Slider / Touch Pad

  • With dedicated Touch Sense Controller MPR032


On-board MCU

  • Flexis 8-bit S08 Microcontrollers MC9S08QE96
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Slave MCU mode
  • Tower MCU mode (with limited peripheral connectivity)
  • Touch Sense Software Evaluation


On-Board 3rd Party Sensors


OSBDM / Serial-to-USB

  • On-board MC9S08JM60
  • OSBDM support for MC9S08QE96
  • Serial-to-USB support


Keypad Touch Pad Module

Compared to completely new TWR-SENSOR-PAK-AUTO: Automotive Sensors Module which is in preproduction, additional automotive application features are added to save you development time for automotive applications such as airbag systems, electronic stability control, electric parking brake and tilt angle measurement. This system of TWRPIs enables complete development for PSI5 or DSI communication protocols for satellite sensors. Simply place the desired Tower Plug-Ins onto the Tower System sensor module (TWR-SENSOR-PAK) and start prototyping quickly and easily. Each automotive sensor TWRPI can be purchased separately or as a collection.






SPI Boards

  • TWRPI-MMA6900
    • 2-Axis High Accuracy Low g Inertial Sensor MMA69xxQ
  • TWRPI-MMA6800 with:
    • 2-Axis SPI Medium g 10Bits Inertial Sensor MMA68xxQ
  • TWRPI-MMA6500 with:
    • 2-Axis SPI Medium g 12Bits Inertial Sensor MMA65xxQ


DSI2.5 Boards


PSI5V1.3 Boards


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