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Required assitance on ethernet loopback testing for MCF54415 processor.

Question asked by Hemanth kumar on Nov 21, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by TomE

Hi all,


     We are using the MCF54415 processor for our project and we are now trying to perform the ethernet testing. To make sure that the Ethernet(both hardware and software) is working fine, we are planning to have a loopback testing. but there are no more documents explaining on this.:(

can anyone pls help me in performing the loopback testing on this board??


The setup of board is as follows:

The MAC-NET core is  using KSZ8021RNL PHY transceiver to communicate to the outside world.

The communication with the PC is working fine(this was done as using our board as the server and PC as the client).


To avoid the dependency on PC every time to test the board we are thinking to do loopback test..

So please do guide me on performing the loopback test..

Thank you in advance...