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TWRK20D72M   Warrings: Launch configuration is a migration candidate

Question asked by Mini Wang on Nov 21, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by Mini Wang

The environment is [MQX3.8.1] & [CW10.2].

When I new a MQX 3.8 project and select "TWRK20D72M" board to be used, there are 3 warrings .

(This problem is also occured for "TWRK40D100M" board.)




|    Launch configuration is a migration candidate


|    MQX_twrk20d72m_hello_twrk20d72m_Int_Flash_Debug_PnE U-MultiLink.launch

|    MQX_twrk20d72m_hello_twrk20d72m_Int_Flash_Release_PnE U-MultiLink.launch

|    MQX_twrk20d72m_hello_twrk20d72m_Int_RAM_PnE U-MultiLink.launch



When I use Quick Fix to fix it, there is a failed message.


|RSE Migration Failed


|Migration failed for unknown system "K20DX256M7"



Does any one have the same problem as well?

What is the impact of this warring?


p.s I don't have TWRK20D72M so I can't download and debug it.

    Next week I will get our custom board use MK20DN512ZVLL10, so that I creat a custom BSP and project for it in advance.


Thank you in advance.