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Need help: install + identify USBDM pcb hardware revision

Question asked by Adi Oltean on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by pgo

Hi all,


First, a big thanks to the creators of USBDM - pretty amazing stuff!


I acquired this device over eBay in the hope of starting off quickly, but I have trouble identifying the actual version of the device and using the software.



- What USBDM revision does this correspond to? Looks like an older version (V2.0) of the PCB not the latest 3.0 version.

- What software version should I use?

- Any recommended firmware updates?

- What OS should I install the software on? (I use Windows 7 64-bit)


Here is a high-res picture of the board!!37306034.jpg



This seems somewhat similar with the latest V3 of the USBDM/CF JMxx v4.10.3 but without the Kinetis adapters.



1) The board processor is JM60 (MCS9S08JM60CLD)

2) The board "version" states Freescale_BDM   V2.0   2011-03-01

3) The USB device is not recognized by the latest USBDM 4.10 software. Its hardware ID is USB\VID_16D0&PID_0567&REV_0410 and the instance path is USB\VID_16D0&PID_0567\USBDM-JMXX-CF-0001  (the REV0410 seems to suggest the 4.10 firmware or something like this?)

4) The board has three adapters: 26-pin JTAG, 14-pin JTAG and the well-known 6-pin BDM adapter.

5) The USBDM software installation completed fine with the default options


Granted, I installed USBDM 4.10 on a 64-bit version of Windows 7, so it might be a driver installation issue. Or maybe the device is toasted.


Can anyone help?


Thanks, Adi