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How to set SDHC clock to 50MHz?

Question asked by naftalir on Nov 19, 2012
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I've tested the SDCLK and noticed it works default in 20MHz clock, so i've managed to chage it to 40MHz but not to 50MHz.

My code looks like that:


        /* Set SDCLK to 40Mhz*/

        esdhc_ptr->SYSCTL &= 0xFFFFFFF7; //Disable the SD Clock

        esdhc_ptr->SYSCTL &= 0xFFFF00FF; //Setting the Prescaler to 0

        esdhc_ptr->SYSCTL |= 0x00000020; //Setting the Divisor to 3 

        esdhc_ptr->SYSCTL |= 0x00000008; //Enable the SD Clock

        esdhc_ptr->SYSCTL |= 0x00000004; //Remain the SDHC clock always enabled