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Freescale Cup EMEA Challenges 2013

Discussion created by Flavio Stiffan Employee on Nov 19, 2012
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3 special challenges have been created to give you more chances for prizes and fun.


  • 1st Challenge (mandatory): Start-Stop: car has to start at the start line and stop after a 2nd start/stop line. It requires precision for stopping as close as possible to the start/stop line, promoting active breaking features on the vehicle.
  • 2nd Challenge (mandatory): Obstacle avoidance. The car is positioned to a straight track and has to avoid black blocks positioned on the track. This challenge promotes the use of the camera for more than line following and prepares the students for more challenging track layouts in the future
  • 3rd Challenge (optional): eCompass Square competition. This challenge is to be done at university level (not by team). Freescale will provide an extra race car to support the universities interested to participate (only 8 kits available, first come, first serve). The kit include a K60 Tower Kit with the new TRPI-FXOS8700 GAUSS sensor (not yet on the market… you are the first ones to really use it) including magnetometer and 3 axis sensor in 1 package. The car is to start from a start point (no track) and drive 3 lengths and 3 90Deg curves to come back as close as possible to its start point. Additional support material such as TRWPI board BOM and schematics will be provided to the universities enrolling into the competition (university must commit to attend the Paris Finals to qualify for this challenge).