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MQX bsp_init.c trouble

Question asked by sbaccam on Nov 18, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2012 by Monica Arvizu



I ported the MQX from m52223evb to an MCF52221CAE66 custom board. I modify the .mem, the .lcf and the .cfg files. When I try to debbug it using the PE USB Multilink Universal, it starts fine. It executed the boot.c assembler instructions and it jumped to the bsp_init.c file using a JSR assembler instruction. Here is the problem, in the first assembler instruction of the bsp_init.c file it stop the excecution and it shows Exception 12 in the debug Window. At this point it tries to execute a LINK instruction but it can't. Only the VBR register reserved bits are changing when I try to exceute again the instruction.




I don't know why the debug is suspended automatically at this point.


Sergio David Bacca