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Input Capture on jm128

Question asked by Carlos Fernando Palma Roldán on Nov 16, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2012 by Carlos Fernando Palma Roldán

Hello everybody, I'm working on a project which requires using HC SR04 ultrasonic

ranging module, but I'm stuck using the sensor since I can't seem to make the

Input Capture work using processor expert. So far I have used this:

void Cap1_OnCapture(void)


  /* Write your code here ... */








so if an event of getting the value of the timer when an edge is detected occurs, a Led is supposed

to change its state. Problem is that even though the Led blinks, when I try to see the value of the

variable pulse using a serial communication, I get its initial value (200) in this case, which means that the

event didn't change it!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.