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Preserve EEPROM with Codewarrior and Cyclone Pro MC9S12A128B AEFSKIPERASING doesn't work

Question asked by gb3 on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2012 by Radek Sestak

Good morning.

I have already seen this topic



usb BDM. How to program flash & leave Eeprom as is


but in my casse it doesn't work.


I want to debug my firmware with Cyclone Pro and I use Codewarrior 5.9.0. I want to preserve my EEPROM data


I deleted this entry in Mcu03CB. fpp file :  MODULEIMPORT MC9S12_EEPROM_EETS2K_W_HIDDEN          -> EEPROM is blanked and debugger doesn't work correctly = program doesn't run


I deleted Mass erase EEPROM section in erase_unsecure_hcs12 -> debugger doesn't work: it seems to program the micro but debugging is impossible and program doesn't run


In debugging Memory map, in CyclonePro Menu (Truetime simulator) I set EEPROM entry active = NO   -> there is no effect


With Cyclone PRO I load SAP Image but the algorithm for MC9S12A128B hasn't got "Protect EEPROM " command


I inserted in Startup script AEFSKIPERASING command but it doesn't work



Can you help me?



Thank you very much