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i.m6q ipu overlay of usb webcam on framebuffer

Question asked by hasan arslan on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by Guillermo Michel Jimenez
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Hi all,


this is the plan:

- create a full-screen user interface (1024x768) with Qt and display on framebuffer

- on the user interface reserve an area (800x600) for video stream.


this was the easy part.


The video stream comes from a usb webcam, which does not support VIDIOC_OVERLAY.


One solution is, getting the YUYV-image, convert to RGB and create a QImage to display (or blit) on reserved area. This works with a huge CPU-load.


Another way might be (???) getting a pointer to YUYV-stream and passing this to IPU, which then overlays it to this area.


Is this possible? The example at imx-test-lib uses a OVERLAY-capable v4l2-source.