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iMX53 QSB CE7 not being detected by Windows Mobile Device Center

Question asked by Jaswinder Dhaliwal on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by Jaswinder Dhaliwal
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Hi All


I'm just back working on a iMX3 QSB (Compact 7) after 6 months of other work. The problem I have is that the QSB is not being detected by the Windows Mobile Device Center(WMDC) and so cannot connect to it from Visual Studio 2008. This was all working fine before.


Nothings changed as far as the uSD card is concerned.

I've tried reinstalling WMDC, this is on a Windows 7 32 bit PC so cannot use ActiveSync.

I had wondered whether an update to Windows 7 had caused this to stop working, hence the reinstall of WMDC.


I cannot see any changes to the list in Device Manager while I plug and unplug the USB cable.

I've tried:-

     different USB cables.

     one of the othe QSB's we have in the office, with no luck

     the Ubuntu uSD card that came with the kit.

     Installing WMDC on a different PC and again nothing, not even a notification or anything in Device Manager


Has anybody had any similar issues? Any help in resolving this is much appreciated, cannot do aything until this is resolved.