New Forum Destroying Formatting in Old Articles

Discussion created by TomE on Nov 13, 2012
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I've just spent 20 minutes reformatting one of my old posts after it got destroyed by the new forum.


Here's my post after I've tried to fix it (but not very well):


Re: DIVU/DIVS Forcing a Reset


Here's an example of the "wanton destruction":


Re: Unsupported instruction Exception on AC256 with DIVS


Look at the "scrolling bits". They were formatted "As Code" in the old forum. These have been converted to "<pre></pre>" sections, but the internal line breaks have been replaced by "<br>" within the <pre" and all the spaces have been reduced to single spaces between "words". This "conversion" is broken and simply doesn't work. It also can't be reversed.


The new Forum doesn't support an equivalent for "As Code", which meant "Monospace and LEAVE IT ALONE". I'm having to revert to manually editing the raw HTML. That's horribly primitive. Why was this Forum released when it requires us to write raw HTML in order to use it?


Maybe the "Syntax Highlighting - Plain" might work. Let's try it:


    rx.chan32[x] = val32/scale;
401080b2:   2a02        movel %d2,%d5
401080b4:   4c41 5805   remsl %d1,%d5,%d5
401080b8:   2585 9c00   movel %d5,%a2@(00000000,%a1:l:4)
    r16.chan[x] = (int)((mod16)?(val16/scale)%mod16:val16/scale);
401080bc:   4a83        tstl %d3
401080be:   6710        beqs 401080d0 <chan_check+0x66>


No, the spacing is proportional instead of Monospace and the TABs are all wrong. it isn't in a "grey box" either, which was always useful in the old Forum to mark "as code".


Please fix the import of all of the previous posts with these problems and then RE-IMPORT them, as the current import broke them and can't be fixed in-place.