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Bitbake Linux SDK Build Errors on Ubuntu 12.10

Discussion created by Steve Osselton on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2012 by Steve Osselton

Just in case anyone else hits these issues building on Ubuntu12.04.

I was building the full image for the p1010rds, but the bugs will be common to other platforms:


1 - gcc 4.7 fails to build the cross compiler. This is a known gcc regression.

    See GCC Bugzilla 51969 and apply the simple patch to gengtype.c


2 - The tcpdump library fails to configure. This can occurr if the host build system has a pcap

    configuration file (/usr/bin/pcap-config). The configure stage of build parses out the library

    directory from this file and attempts to use it for linking, which then fails a bitbake sanity check.

    The simple fix for this is to temporarily rename this file, although the actual bug is in the auto configuration