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Problem with CodeWarrior USB TAP and Win 7.

Question asked by miroslavmartisek on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by Marianna Buschle

Hello boys and girls,


I have got a huge problem with CodeWarrior USB TAP on my PC with Windows 7. At the moment I am developing some devices using DSP MC56F8037. If I want program this processor with CW USB TAP and 56800E Flash Programmer, this note appears: "CCCSClient::WriteMemoryDirect: Core not responding" and nothing is done. Before I  connected CW USB TAP with my computer for the first time, I had to install new driver for USB TAP, but it went without a hitch. Success! But when I decided to load my program into DSP, the error occured, I have already mentioned. I don´t know, what I should do with it. I have already controlled as many as 100 times SW and HW but I cannot still solve this problem. In my opinion, the core of this bad situation will be located in Windows 7. Can someone give me an advice to solve it?

I am sorry, my English is not good.