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imx35 and CAN bus receive issue

Question asked by jounimo on Nov 12, 2012

hi all,


I compiled the linux core 2.6.31 for imx35 and I selected FlexCAN drivers in LTIB. I'm using Freescale's 3-stack board. The problem is that I can transmit CAN messages successfully but I cannot receive anything (the input buffer is empty in the driver).

I have a working CAN bus system where I can see messages from the imx35 board. Other devices communicates successfully, but imx35 does not receive the messages.


The core is 2.6.31

Bitrate is 125000

Toolchain is 4.3.3 for ARM


the initialization sequence is:

echo 28 > /sys/devices/platform/FlexCAN.0/br_presdiv

ifconfig can0 up


I receive some garbage in the beginning/end when I start/end my application but that's all. I have tried to change toolchain - no help. Booting from network or from nand - no difference.


See the attachments for more info...

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