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i.MX28evk sd boot faults

Question asked by chris321 on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by chris321

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to create a bootable SD card as descriped in the LTIB_for_i.MX28__a_step-by-step_guide .


I've tried the following steps with a fresh freescale-ltib-ubuntu vm-image.


* start the terminal in LTIB directory

* ./ltib

    Elapsed: 1 seconds


    Build Succeeded (ltib is preconfigured by freescale)

* mk_mx_28 /dev/sdb

    confirmed with yes and entered password for madfsl

    [...] Done! Plug the SD/MMC card into the i.MX board and power-on.


alright so far..


but if I boot the i.MX28 evk from this SD card I got errors.


Uncompressing Linux...


invalid compressed format (err=2)


-- System halted


and sometimes


Uncompressing Linux...


incomplete literal tree


-- System halted


But if I rename the to and overwrite the file in the ~ltib/rootfs/boot folder and execute the mk_mx28_sd script again than the evk starts without any faults.

So I'll think there is something missing in the ltib configuration, but I have no idea what.