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Hard disk partition layout for p1010rdb

Question asked by Steve Osselton on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by mattsm



I was upgrading a p1010rdb system to use the latest Linux SDK 1.2 by reinstalling

the hard disk recovery image and new kernel/dtb etc.


The image booted up but then hangs when trying to deal with the partitions on the hard disk.

The existing partition table was:


sda1 Linux

sda2 Swap

sda3 Linux

sda4 Extended

sda5 Linux

sda6 Linux


With the core file system on sda3. The online information centre also suggests the same partition

scheme. Removing the extended partitions (4, 5, 6) allowed the kernel to boot. Does anyone know why

this partition layout is suggested? and why the canned kernel would not boot?


Cheers Steve.