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Question to MC34708 Silicon revision 2.4

Question asked by Benjamin Grydehoej on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by Jorge Ramirez
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We have made an design and prototypes for a i.MX53 with Power Management IC MC34708VM with following information at the BGA packaged top ”DBTBTW1203J”. It is produced in March 2012 and I think It is a Silicon Revision P2.4?


When I read out the IC and Version Identification register 0x07 I get HEX value 14 and it match the Datasheet MC34708 Rev. 8 from the 8/1012 in table 102. (IC Revision Bit Assignment) and this is translate to Silicon Revision P2.4.


If it is true the silicon revision is 2.4, will this silicon revision continues with the same functionality as it do today or will there come a new silicon revision 2.x there match the new updated datasheet from the august 2012.


The reason to I am a little confused, is in the new updated datasheet Rev 8. The Coulomb counter is not longer supported as the charger.
And the pin named BATTISNSCCP and BATTISNSCCN have to be No Connect!


But at our prototype board have we done some test at the Coulomb counter and looks to work okay, so the question is what is the exactly problem with the Coulomb counter? And will it continue as now in the future silicon revision?

In the next prototype have we updated our design with an external Battery charger, but still like to use the input battery monitoring for voltage and current measurement and also the Coulomb counter if possible.

How to configure the MC34708 correct with use external Battery charger?

  • BATT and CHRGFB have to be connected together, but it is a connection to battery or Battery charger output (VCC_BP)?
  • ITRIC can be floating (No Connect)
  • GBAT connect to GND
  • BP and BPSNS is connected to Battery charger output (VCC_BP)


Hope somebody have a good answer to my questions