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MPC5602P flash erase interlock write - bus errors

Question asked by Matthew Manthey on Nov 8, 2012
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I am having issues on my MPC5602P erasing the FLASH. Per the reference manual, I execute the following sequence:


MCR = 0x00000004; /* Set ERS in MCR: Select Operation */

LMS = 0x00000006; /* Set LSL2-1 in LMS: Select Sectors to erase */

(0x000000) = 0xFFFFFFFF; /* Latch a Flash Address with any data */

MCR = 0x00000005; /* Set EHV in MCR: Operation Start */

do /* Loop to wait for DONE=1 */

{ tmp = MCR; /* Read MCR */

} while ( !(tmp & 0x00000400) );

status = MCR & 0x00000200; /* Check PEG flag */

MCR = 0x00000004; /* Reset EHV in MCR: Operation End */

MCR = 0x00000000; /* Reset ERS in MCR: Deselect Operation */



When performing the erase interlock write, I get a bus error. Any insight on why that would be? I have verified through the code flash registers that the block is both unlocked and selected for erase. When I write to 0x0000000, I get a bus error.  The freescale driver seems to have the same issue, for me at least.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.